Fourth of July Affirmation

Just wrote this for my Facebook status and thought I wanted to share and save it here …

Happy Independence Day!

Let’s celebrate by affirming that democracy is most powerful when people are protected from the ills of poverty and educated well so they are able to participate in government with critical thinking, reason and community values, and have equal access to information.

Let’s also honor this day by confessing that we are not living up to this fundamental premise of our nation: when the wealth gap is larger than it has been since our independence, when the power of our government is concentrated in an oligarchy of the wealthy few, when mass incarceration imprisons black men at a rate far greater than whites, when we deny rights to pursue happiness for those who wish to marry their beloved who happens to be of the same gender, when we create voting processes which exclude particular classes of people …

God bless America … Yes, God HELP America reaffirm our values of Liberty and justice for all people: help us repent of our own injustice, help us take responsibility for these systemic inequalities and discuss the complexities and challenges of change.

On this day, we honor those who have fought and sacrificed for the causes of equality, justice, and basic human rights for every one, especially the “least of these”. We honor those who vote according to these values over their own personal advantage. And we honor those who speak out against injustice even at the risk of their own lives.

Happy Independence Day!