iTrust: there’s an app for that …

Each staff member had an "angry bird" app designed for them ... love the stole!

Today is the first day of Synod Youth Workshop, Synod of the Sun, at the University of Tulsa.  Frankly, while others have been anticipating this week with great joy and nostalgia, I have been afraid of it for nearly a year.  I was asked last summer if I’d be the keynote and “theme enabler” for this event; it seemed like something I should say yes to.  Mike Cole had been at SYW for years as a small group leader and keynoter.

 I figured it was my pastoral duty … but, really, youth work again after all these years?  God, don’t you know that I’ve become and old fart?  I mean, I don’t have the stamina for a weeklong conference … and what if the kids think I’m “uncool” … what if my keynotes are not good enough?  what if I’m boring?  Besides … despite years of directing youth camps and doing youth work … I am an introvert who really doesn’t like the camp/conference experience which is typically geared for extroverts.  Not to mention the bad camp experience I had while a teenager myself … nope … I didn’t want to come … but I followed my sense of call (and duty) and said, “sure, I’d love to!”

Ironic, then, isn’t it that over the year, the youth planning team and I discerned the theme for the week as “iTrust: there’s an app for that”.  I had to practice what I was planning to preach … and trust that God would use me, and take care of me.  So, yes, to @angliberian, I, too am struggling with trust and control right now.  Aren’t most of us?

Today’s keynote, which was basically an introduction to the week’s theme went well.  I told about myself, and Dwayne’s and my decision to take up motorcycling a few years ago.  I told about my accident and how at the moment I was rolling through the air, I was as at peace as ever … knowing that God would make it all fine in the end.  I spoke about having faith like a child … knowing that our parent God, Abba, would provide and watch out for us.