Do You Trust Me?

The best moment of the SYW so far … when showing the video clip from Aladdin, the whole room of High Schoolers and their adult sponsors and small group leaders burst into song, singing along with “A Whole New World.”  I added the clip to the worship service just after the assurance of forgiveness in which I wrote, “In Christ it’s a whole new world … we’re whole new people … our old lives are gone, an our new lives have begun.”  As soon as they saw the image of Aladdin on the screen you could hear an audible breath … something like a sigh of delight.

I chose that clip because of the question, “do you trust me?”  and talked about how we decide who and when to trust.  We think we should trust based on intellectual reasoning, but that’s not what was going through Jasmin’s mind.  We might base our trust on past experience with someone, but mostly we trust because of the relationship we desire and the decision to enter into a whole new realm of possibilities.

When we trust in Christ we are putting our faith in the hope and promise of new life … the possibility of what can be and what God can do with us, for us and through us.

This week is one in which we place our trust in this community and expect that God will show up and heal, forgive, build up, strengthen and enlighten us.  This week is one that offers the possibility to be changed, to be loved, to be made whole, to be encouraged and to be challenged.  Let it be so.