To PC or not to PC? That is the question.

I know a lot of my friends out there are using macs. I have been on a PC since the beginning of time … or at least close to the beginning of time.  We started on a TI in 1983 … yeah, I know, that’s way before most of my online friends were born.

Anyway, I think the time has come to make the switch, but I’m not sure how easy it will be or what I’ll really gain.  I asked Santa for a mac …

mostly because of the cute mac guy and the coolness factor I admit.  And, I am somewhat embarrassed that all the image-driven commercials are having an effect on me. But I’m so fed up with the slowness of my laptops and their more than occasional desire to reboot despite what I say.

So … tell me … is it worth it?  Or does Apple just have a different set of frustrations?