Twitter of Faith

Twitter of Faith logoMy presbymergent friends offered a challenge earlier today: can you write what you believe, a statement of faith, using 140 characters or less?  In the Presbyterian Church, those seeking ordination and even some preparing for confirmation, need to write a statement of faith.  It’s part of the examination process … and it’s also used every time a pastor seeks a new call.  Usually the statements need to be kept to a single sheet of paper.  But what if you were limited to the size of a twitter?

And so, “Twitter of Faith” was born today. This was the initial twitter challenge:

Twitter of Faith: What do you believe? You have 140 characters – give us your statement of faith in 140 characters. #TOF

If you’re on twitter, please consider joining the challenge.  We ask that you add the tag #TOF to your twitter so that it can be tabulated with the other responses.  And then you can keep up with the results here.  If you’re not on Twitter … post it on your blog or on Facebook.  There is a Twitter of Faith group on Facebook now, too … so check it out.

My TOF is

It’s love enough to give up oneself. As I accept Christ’s love, and learn to trust, I find so much more life and possibility. Awesome! #TOF

Challenge your friends and let’s see how this grows …