Simply Church

pew1.jpgWhat if church had no building, no programs, no pastor, no budget? Would it be church? What if a community of Christians cared for each other, studied together prayed together, and discerned God’s spirit together, would they be church?

I spend my days in churches, thinking about churches, helping churches, starting new churches and closing churches … I preach 2-3 Sundays every month at many different churches … I hear about the programs, the budgets, the pastors, the sessions, the choir, the women’s association … I love churches, and I hate churches. I practically live in churches, but I don’t have one to call “home.”

Actually, in my own life, I’m tired of dressing up, of sitting in pews, of listening to bad choirs (I like the good ones, but I don’t get to hear too many of them). I’m tired of potlucks and picture directories and building campaigns. Yet … I long for church … simply church.

So …. some friends and I are being church together … no frills … just spiritual community. We’re meeting twice a month in my kitchen (maybe someday in my hottub); we’re reading a book together; we’re praying for each other and encouraging each other as we all live the lives to which God calls us out.

There’s a “simple church” movement taking off in the US … church in the workplace, church in bars, church in homes, church in school cafeterias, church in coffee shops and bookstores and dormitories … you name it, wherever two or more are gathered in my name … These are just groups of people loving Christ together and seeking to expand our understanding, our commitment, our prayer life, our compassion, our mission … not much different than the Christ followers of the first century. It’s an organic approach to Christian community rather than a programmatic approach. It’s more about being Christ in the world than gathering on a Sunday morning.

If this sounds intriguing to you, if you think you might like to join us … send me an email, message me, call me, or just leave a comment … I’ll tell you when we’re meeting next.

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