Twenty-eight years ago …

Twenty-eight years ago … Sunday, August 26, 1979 … it was the middle of the gas crisis; gas wasn’t only expensive (more than a dollar a gallon) but it was hard to find.  On Long Island, rationing was taking place.  We could only fill up the tank on even or odd days depending on our license plate numbers.

Dwayne waited in line at the gas station with the wrong plate number for the day … wearing his mint green tuxedo … trying to convince the gas station attendant to put gas in the car; after all, he was getting married that afternoon. 

We were both not yet 19 years old.  He did get gas in our car, and that afternoon our friends and family gathered in the little white church building … the same one I was baptized in … and we, two kids really, vowed to love and cherish each other for as long as we live.  Well, I don’t think gas ever went back below a dollar a gallon … and we’ve been together ever since.  As I’ve said before: I don’t advise getting married so young … but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I thank God for blessing us so generously … with love, a wonderful daughter, friends, family, understanding, forgiveness, great jobs … and so much more.

This afternoon we are going to a party for some friends who are celebrating 50 years … only twenty-two more to go!