Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe 2007This was the view from the conference center I attended last week … thanks to my new Lutheran friend, Lynn, for taking the picture and sending it to me.

A week ago Wednesday Lynn and I drove the 72 miles around the lake. At one point we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in the midst of the burned out houses near South Lake Tahoe, California. It was very disturbing. The fire had crossed the road where we were. Houses were destroyed except for the fireplaces and chimneys. Cars were burned up in the driveways. Yet every so often we’d see a house in the midst of it … not burned at all … with people living there. It’s amazing how fire moves through an area. Everywhere near South Lake Tahoe there were signs, “thank you firefighters!”

Zephyr P

Here’s another picture from Zephyr Point. The archway marks the beginning of a stone path that leads to a “prayer portal.” I loved to sit down there, watch the lake, pray, think, and otherwise just be. Ahhhh … my new favorite place.

Thanks again to Lynn for the photograph.