A Drive-in Theater?

car in Baytown Little Theater

This afternoon we got the call saying that a car had driven through the east wall of the Baytown Little Theater. We’ve been active members of the theater since we moved to Texas nearly nine years ago. Dwayne is cast as Henry Etches, cabin steward, in this summer’s production of Titanic: the Musical. So, of course, we drove over to the theater as soon as we heard.

The driver, while heading west on Baker road, had apparently collapsed at the wheel, hit the accelerator, plowed through the intersection at Bayway Drive and across a vacant lot just missing a number of trees, flew through the parking lot and into the east side of the arena stopping only after smacking the wall at the opposite side of the building. Unbelievable!

The woman was immediately taken to the hospital; we don’t know her condition … but no one else was hurt. The theater was empty; even though the director of the show was supposed to be there. He was late, thank God!

It’s Friday the 13th, and we’re doing a show about a sinking ship …. hmmmm.

See more pictures and links to video clips here.

Nelda’s facebook also has a bunch of pics, though you have to have a facebook account and ask to be a friend of Nelda Haney in order to see them.

Nearly two years ago, we were in production of Brighton Beach Memoirs (Dwayne was directing) when hurricane Rita forced us to postpone our opening.

The theater is still looking for a new venue for The Titanic. Rehearsals will be at Sterling High School tomorrow and Sunday. The opening may be postponed a week, but, as you are well aware, the show must go on!