Derby Party

kentucky-derby.pngSo, we’re going to have a Derby Party … I don’t think we’ve had one since moving to Texas. We lived in Louisville, KY, while I went to seminary, so we know the excitement of watching the two-minute race … and partying the whole week before!

Anyway, I plan on making some Kentucky Burgoo … which is really just stew or Kentucky gumbo. I’ll also make some Derby Pie (pecan, chocolate chip pie with Bourbon!) and Mint Juleps … oh, and some Bourbon slush (a whole lot better than mint juleps).

The party starts at 3:00 pm on Saturday, May 5. The race starts around five o’clock our time (6:04 EDT). We’ll pick a horse and root loud during the race … and other than that, well, we’ll just enjoy the beautiful (I hope) day, the pool and the hot tub. Y’all are invited! Just email me or call to let us know you’re coming. If you need directions, we’ll send you a map.

Oh … and don’t forget to admire our new artwork while you’re here. 🙂