Thanks Wharton

After preaching at the First Presbyterian Church of Wharton this morning, Dwayne and I went to see the pastor in a production at the Wharton Plaza Theater.  The show was “Daddy’s Dyin’ (Who’s Got the Will?)”, an incredibly funny story about a small town Texas family reunion as they deal with the imminent death of the father.  Debbie, my friend and colleague, played the part of Mama Wheelis, the mother-in-law and family matriarch.  She did a fantastic job!

We didn’t know until we showed up at the theater that the show was written by Del Shores.  Last year, I was acting in a later play by the same playwright … see pictures here … and some about the show here.  The allusions and similarities were striking … fiddlin’ with the air conditioner, family reunion at a death, references to the Piggly Wiggly, and the neighbor/friend who kept calling on the phone … even the characters in “Daddy’s Dyin'” had parallels in “Sordid Lives.”  The experience brought back lots of memories.  I enjoyed both the production and the memories … thanks Debbie … thanks Wharton.