flowers, flowers, flowers!

There was this dead tree in our flowerbed … Dwayne kept hoping it would spring back to life, but I knew it was dead. Afterall, half of it never came back to life last year … it was time to take it out and plant a new tree. Without the tree, it looks bare, no height to add interest to the flowers around the pool. So today we bought a small (small enough to fit in the back of our Xterra) crape myrtle to plant.

bottle brush

Earlier this week, when I was at Camp Cho-Yeh, I saw a bottle brush bush that I fell in love with. It was blooming heartily in front of the conference center. Today, we also bought two of those bushes and planted them next to the crape myrtle … I hope I don’t kill them. The picture was taken in My Backyard this evening. 🙂

We also bought three purple plants to plant around the rose bush … and four big tall flowering plants (sorry, I don’t remember the name) which we planted in a half-circle to hide some ugly utility access boxes on the other side of the yard. They should fill in nicely around there … the flowers were so tall, though, that one was broken in the car on the way home … three others were broken on the way out the pot and into the ground … so I put a painter’s tape “cast” on them, hoping that the stems will heal and the flowers will continue to thrive.

I really don’t have a green thumb … I wish I did, because I love the plants. At least with the picture, I’ll remember.

We were so tired after planting, that we jumped into our pool, then the hot tub, then ate our favorite grilled steaks … it’s been a wonderful day!