home is the best retreat

I am now home, and enjoying every minute.  I have spent the last seven days “on retreat” in one form or another.  Wednesday through Sunday I was staffing Houston Presbyterian Cursillo #45; and since Monday I was with 50 or so other pastors of the presbytery “relaxing” … although, as presbytery staff, I still have to work when I’m there … I have to admit, I loved the laughter, the talks, the massage, and the coloring.

As an introvert who has learned to behave appropriately extroverted, though, home is the best retreat for me.  It’s quiet … it’s comfortable … and it’s safe.  There are things here, memories here, that bring me great joy.  I can just sit in the backyard … or play the piano … or well, do absolutely nothing.  I’m really glad to be home for awhile ..

The first, and most treasured, of the artwork we bought on the cruise arrived late last week … tonight we’re going to rearrange some furniture so we have a place to hang it in the living room.  It’s much bigger than I remembered … or our house is much smaller than I remembered … anyway, it will look good.

My friend suggested that when all of the art has arrived and has been hung, we should have a “viewing” … complete with wine, cheese, and hot tub.  I like that idea.