Media Fast/Silent Retreat

So, I’ve decided that I’m fasting tomorrow … no not from food, but from the media … all media (except the Bible).  That means no phone, internet, email, blogs, tv, music, movies, radio, magazines, books (right, except the Bible) … and, for a good portion of the day, at least, I’ll be in silence.  That’s right … no talking. 

Earlier this week I realized that I had no appointments or meetings scheduled for Thursday.  Since it’s Maundy Thursday, I don’t anticipate there will be many calls to the presbytery office … most pastors are busy writing sermons and preparing for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday services.  So … I thought I’d save the gasoline and not commute into the office. 

Then I thought … what am I doing to prepare for Easter?  I have no sermons to write or worship to lead … so, why not prepare myself to experience the risen Christ?  I’ll pray for the world, contemplate the Passion story, pray for the pastors working so hard this week, garden (if it’s not raining), and perhaps swim (though I think it’s going to be too cold).  I’ll cook and do laundry … I may even do some of my prep work for the upcoming Cursillo weekend.

So .. don’t call me or expect a blog comment or email returned.  I’m being quiet and giving up what I sometimes act like I can’t live without … let’s see how I do.