The Gecko let me down


I actually like geckos … they are really quite cute. I especially like moving one from the red brick house to the green trash can and watching it turn colors. Lately, I’ve been a fan, too, of the little green guy in the car insurance commercials. But, friends, I cannot say I saved a bunch on my car insurance by switching to the company with the cute little green mascot. In fact, their quote was actually higher than what we were paying with another well advertised company we were with for 16 years.

It is worth, however, doing a little comparison shopping … we, of course, are some the highest paying insured motorists … three fairly new cars and a teenage driver will do that to you. We did manage to find a company which is saving us nearly $160/mo, though. That’s right … saving us that much! And it’s not some fly by night company … we were actually insured by them years ago. They are taking on our homeowners and auto insurance beginning April 1. Giving us more coverage for less money … that’s a good deal.

So, this week was a week for finances. Not only was I busy comparing insurance quotes, I finalized our 2006 taxes and e-filed. The IRS will automatically deduct our fortune from our bank account on April 17 … my brother’s birthday. At least I’ll be thinking of you then, Mike …

I also returned the BLT box office paraphernalia I had here since the last show began. I did the accounting on that, too, a couple of weeks ago … so lately I’ve just been busy with figures and spread sheets … new churches, presbytery budget, box office receipts, investments, taxes, and insurance. yuck.

Even though I was very good at math, I never liked arithmetic much … so I’m really glad that I’m done with most of it … and I’m also sad that the gecko let me down.