Under the Sea

Nearly two years ago my dear husband was certified for scuba diving. It’s something he always wanted to do. We had a salt water reef aquarium many years ago, so he’s always had an interest in the sea creatures. I, on the other hand, have a fear of water. Actually I love watching it, and floating in it, but always with my head and nose in the air … and I cannot jump into water. A few weeks ago I decided to give diving a try. We found a “Discovery Dive” as one of the many options available to us at Cozumel. It was only 2 hours total including 45 minutes of instruction, and we were able to walk into the water instead of falling backwards off a boat.

Well, I did it.


Yup, that’s me and Dwayne and some mighty fine fish.

I was terrified, but once I got my flippers on (not an easy feat), I was a lot better off. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view, my body has a terrific buoyancy. I probably was not given enough extra weight in my vest, and was only able to get down a few feet. The dive instructor did help me get deeper by letting me pull myself down a rope …

There wasn’t much to see, a few coral and some fish … but I wasn’t looking at anything except keeping my eye on the dive instructor or Dwayne and saying to myself the whole time, “breathe in, breathe out …”

All in all, I’m glad I went, but … well, Dwayne, I’m afraid I may be a great partner in life but you’ll need to find another dive partner.