Four Things

My mom sent me this email earlier in the week, and she named me as one of the ones most likely to reply.  Well, I don’t do those chain emails … sorry mom.  But I decided to answer here, so as not to disappoint her … and anyone who wants to play along can list their “four things”

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. at my family’s business selling sweaters — yup, grandma paid me, not much, but is was real cash nonetheless
  2. summer job filing health insurance forms
  3. teaching piano and violin at a preschool
  4. pastor

Four movies I have watched over and over:

  1. Fiddler on the Roof
  2. The Wizard of Oz
  3. Chocolat
  4. Yentl

places I have lived:

  1. Long Island and then Jamestown, NY
  2. Louisville, KY
  3. Canton, OH
  4. Detroit, MI (well, actually Allen Park and Redford)

Four TV shows I love[ed] to watch: (I’m sticking to present tense)

  1. My absolute favorite now is Studio 60
  2. I am addicted to HGTV
  3. I’m getting hooked on Grey’s Anatomy
  4. I can always watch another Law & Order

Four places I have been on vacation: (do mission/study trips count? … they’re more intersting)

  1. Europe (England, France, Germany, Austria)
  2. China (Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Shanghai)
  3. Guatemala
  4. Cozumel is Dwayne’s and my favorite vacation place, though

Four of your favorite foods:

  1. Pinwheel cookies (or just about anything chocolate)
  2. Steak and baked potato
  3. Lasagna
  4. Fetticini Alfredo

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Nowhere really, I love my house … though I wish Katie were home or my parents were visiting … but, if I have to say something …
  2. I already said that Cozumel is our favorite vacation spot … romantic
  3. the beach … I love to take long walks on the beach
  4. visiting someplace brand new … maybe … Brazil?  I hear it’s nice and I haven’t been to South America yet.

Four people who will respond:

  1. Uhhh … you know who you are …

If you want to play, just answer in your blog and leave a comment here linking to it …