Ch-ch-ch-ch-change Meme

This week’s Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals has to do with change. Since I consider myself both an agent of change and somewhat of an expert in change … I thought I’d go for it.

Change is a given in life, yet it’s not easy for any of us. So strap on your seat belts and let’s talk about it:

1. Share, if you wish, the biggest change you experienced this past year.

Where do I start? The biggest change for me, of course, was sending my one and only child off to college. Last year, and four of the five years before it, we hosted exchange students. In addition, we lost our beloved collie the day after we dropped of our daughter, after losing our other collie less than a year before. So, we went from a family of four with three dogs to a couple with one little Bichon. All in all, we’re adjusting quite well 😉


2. Talk about a time you changed your mind about something, important or not.

Oh, I change my mind about little things all the time. Today I drove Dwayne crazy because I changed my mind a couple of times over whether I wanted the placemats or the table cloth on the table. Big issues, however … hmmm … I can be pretty stubborn about things like that.

3. Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote a controversial book called “Why Christianity Must Change or Die.” Setting aside his ideas–what kind of changes would you like to see in the Church?

I live for this kind of change in the church. In a nutshell, I want to see the church reexamine 1) what it really means to follow in the way of Christ, and 2) what kingdom impact the body of Christ can truly have on the world. We have inherited many beliefs about what it means to be “Christian” which, I believe, are more cultural than Christ like. As a culture, we’ve reduced a wonderful, life-giving faith to a set of moral values and worship practices and not much more. I want the church to get back in touch with the live-giving, impact-ridden faith that will make a radical difference in our lives and in the world. Is that too much to ask?

4. Have you changed your hairstyle/hair color in the last five years? If so, how many times?

Uh … I guess so … a little shorter, a little longer, a little browner, a little redder … I’m never happy with it …

5. What WERE they thinking with that New Coke thing?

The New Coke tasted more like Pepsi … hmm … seems that Coke buyers didn’t want their soda to taste like Pepsi. Tells me that even if you’re not as popular, you should get better at being what you are and not try to be something you’re not. OK … that’s taking a trivial matter way to far!