Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Sordid Lives!

Dwayne and I saw the BLT performance of Sordid Lives at TNT yesterday afternoon and it was great! According to Maegan, one of the crew, the show has advanced and will be competing statewide in March.

As many of you know Dwayne and I were cast in the BLT production of Sordid Lives last spring.

EDIT:  Here are some pics of me in the old show.

We had to drop out of the competition because if the show advanced to state competition we could not make the performance in Fort Worth. We have a previous commitment to our nephew’s wedding in Pennsylvania on that day. So … it seems the new cast honored us by giving a wonderful performance and winning the first round.

The actors were superb, the performance ten stars. The script, of course, had to be cut in order to meet the 60 minute time limit for competitive shows. Kyle did a great job of cutting dialog without losing the plot and character development. I think this has got to be one of the most difficult parts of preparing a show like this for competition. Granted, I was very familiar with the whole script, but I think the cuts worked exceedingly well.

I have to admit, I was filled with mixed emotions as the show went on … I was nervous for the cast and crew, I wanted them to do their best. I was proud of the wonderful job they were doing and to count them as friends. I was sad, very sad, that I wasn’t a part of it anymore. I really missed being up there.

We won’t see the show at state … but if it advances again, you bet, Dwayne and I will do whatever we can to get there … we love you guys and congratulations again!