A Year in Review

this idea is from my friend.

EDIT: I tried it and this is what I came up with … Enjoy.

(In your archives go to the first post for every month, take the last sentence and post it here. That is your year in review! Enjoy!)…

JANUARY: They need to get the money out of it while the market is good and it’s good to move someplace less stressful than New York … but there will be tears, necessary, good, and healing tears.

FEBRUARY: I think many of the problems our churches have faced are because we are not paying enough attention to how we live the path of discipleship, and, instead, we attempt to “discipline” good, faithful people for not following the rules.

MARCH: Now, as I get ready to send her off … more than anything, I feel blessed to have been chosen as her mom.

APRIL: Life is good.

MAY: How can we tout we are a Christian nation and then act so inhospitable?

JUNE: And we should provide ways of nurturing and encouraging love and spiritual understanding in marriage.

JULY: And .. maybe … we can get more of us to start blogging more often.

AUGUST: We don’t know how long she was stuck this time … but she left a huge mess in the hottub.

SEPTEMBER: I always try to relate my articles to something going on in my life and to the church at large … dealing with issues of transformation, discipleship, engaging community, evangelism … things that relate to my job here in the Church.

OCTOBER: Anyway, it’s her birthday … so please, give her a call, an email, or a hug … let her know that her mere presence in the world blesses our lives in ways we’ve never imagined.

NOVEMBER: God bless him and his fiancé, and, God, please bless me with the right words to say and issues to raise.

DECEMBER: I also have a few other little things that make me happy these days … Christmas trees, home-made Chicken soup, and my wonderful husband.

Not a bad way to review the year … I got to look back on a lot of my posts and remember where I was and what was going on … it was a full year.