third day of Christmas

I like to think of Christmas as a season, not just a day.  It’s a time to realize how real and how present Christ is in our lives.  Today is day three.  No, I’m not doing anything special … but I’m NOT taking down the decorations until after the twelve night and the beginning of epiphany. 

Christmas Day and Christmas Eve were wonderful.  I had a great time playing chef.  Three big meals … our traditional Cornish Hens with lime and ginger on Christmas Eve, california eggbake with apple fritters on Christmas morning, and Prime Rib with baked potatoes for Christmas dinner … yum … and I’m still eating the leftovers.

Mom and Dad were here … and Matt came Christmas morning when he got off work at about 6:30 AM … that’s when we all got up for breakfast.  Matt was surprised, he thought we’d all be asleep and he’d just sneak upstairs to go to sleep.  But we were up to welcome him with a merry Christmas.

We opened our presents next.  First we played a game with the stockings … Matt suggested that we pass the stockings around as we read, “Twas the Night before Christmas.”  Everytime we read the word “the” we passed the stockings to the left.  It was a lot of fun.

Then the presents … Dwayne bought me a new palm pilot that I really like.  We gave Katie a beautiful red leather jacket and a featherbed for her dorm.  I bought Dwayne a toy for his new electric bass … now he can play along with his favorite songs … kind of like a karaoke for the bass.

My parents got us a very nice firepit for the backyard.  We actually lit our first fire on Christmas night … but it was still a bit too cold to stay out there too long.  I’m looking forward to new years eve … we’ll have the fire going most of the night.  Maybe even make s’mores.

Now I’m on vacation for a few more days.  Yesterday I took care of most of my errands and cleaning up … today it’s pure relaxation.  Some prayer and mediation … maybe a trip to the beach.

I hope to see you all on New Years eve.  Please stop by.