sleep problems

So, I was hooked up to a thousand electrodes and wires.  My brain was wired, my face was wired, my chest was wired and even my legs and finger were wired.  Then I was told to go to sleep!  Ha!

Well, I didn’t.  Not more than a few minutes all night long, and certainly not enough to “study”  Not in a hospital room that is made to appear like a hotel room.  Not with a bad bed, no air circulation, and someone videotaping me all night long.  Not with other people with severe snoring problems in each of the other rooms.  Not when they are all trying so hard to be quiet you could hear a pin drop, or keys typing on a computer pad, or the police car outside, or the telephone ring, or the building creaking because it’s the first day it’s been really cold all year.

They tell me I’ll probably have to come back.  For another night of trying to sleep … I’m just a little fatigued. 🙁