prayers please

This weekend Dwayne and I are traveling to Pennsylvania.  We’re flying in the morning to Buffalo NY with a layover in Newark NJ and then a 2 hour drive to Warren PA.  Please pray we have safe and non-eventful flights and travel.

In PA, I will be meeting with Dwayne’s nephew and his fiance for pre-marriage counseling.  Being pastor or counselor to your own family is awkward at best and ineffective at worst.  I have been praying alot about this … please pray that I can find the right balance between aunt and pastor, a helpful blend between family member and professional.  Because this nephew and his brother and sister were all born before we left that area when I went to seminary, we feel especially close to them.  Twenty-something years have passed, and we haven’t kept in as close contact as I would have liked, especially since moving to Texas 8 years ago … but I still feel like these young adults are “our” kids.  Born ten years before Katie, I remember holding them in my arms when they were newly born; they were present when our first cat gave birth to four kittens; they would spend the night at our apartment in Jamestown as toddlers; they would spend a week or two with us almost every summer we lived in Michigan.  Now, I’m offering advice and counsel as the middle child prepares to enter into the covenant of marriage.  God bless him and his fiance, and, God, please bless me with the right words to say and issues to raise.