water, water, everywhere

My brother sent this picture of the front gate to his condos on White Oak Bayou in the Heights.

At least he’s home and safe.  His building is still a ways up the hill, so he’s fine.

I had a hard time driving home today. Traffic, of course, was moving slowly along I-10, but Garth road, north of I-10, was very difficult traveling. I drove, following the cars in front of me, but I was driving through water that was dangerously too deep for my little Altima. I saw some stalled cars … but just kept going … it was the only way home. I was most scared when I saw waves and the currents of moving water all around me … I just kept talking to my car … “just a little further, just a little further.” Thankfully, the car listened.

I just kept thinking … oh no … I’m now one of those stupid people I keep seeing on the news … you know the ones who are stuck in deep water and you wonder, “why did they ever go in?”. Yeah … they were probably thinking “just a little further, just a little further.” I didn’t realize how scared I was until I got home and I was shaking all over.

So much for the “tough girl” identity … well, I was tough going through it, but back on safe, dry land, I was a basketcase.