What if the Amish were in charge of National Security?

Diana Butler Bass asked a good questions in today’s blog at God’s Politics.  She asks, “What if the Amish were in charge of the war on terror?”

I, too, have been astonished at the Amish response of making peace at this aweful time of tragedy.  When they have most been wronged, they reach out in acts of compassion and community.  Yes, this is Christ.

Her article brought me back to the few days following the attack of the twin towers and the pentagon.  I wondered then what a compassionate, peaceful response would be to such terror.  I saw those initial days as moments of great potential.  I was struck by the outcries of solidarity from across the globe.  I sensed we were at a crossroads of sorts … would we use that tragedy as a moment to act as peacemakers?  I’m sorry to say, no, we didn’t.

What would a more Amish response to the war on terror look like?  What would it take to change a history of animosity and hatred into peace?  What would it take for us to forgive the terrorists?  What would it take for us to realize the full impact of our own actions on the Muslim world?  What would it take?

Some of the comments to Butler-Bass’s article seem to think that making peace or forgiveness does not lead to national security.  Could it?  I understand the concern, but I am convinced that the need for national security is a human-centered concern, not a Christ-centered concern.   I wish we would think about … if we are a Christian nation … what a Christ-like response would be?   And what a Christ-like response to the situation in North Korea, and currently in Iraq and Afganastan?  What would be different if we had real peacemakers in charge of national security?  What if the Amish were in charge?