comments on HarbourBlog re: Socialism vs. Capitalism

I have just gotten over to the HarbourBlog and read . 

Randy, the church-state reasoning is a good analysis of our differences.  I am a strong
believer in the separation of church and state, so I’m with you on
that.  And I definitely agree that Jesus and the early Christians were living a life which exemplified socialism.  Believe it or not, I even agree that generosity should not be forced on people.

However, there are certain principals that I believe are morally
appropriate for all people regardless of our faith … and they include things like
caring for the poor, speaking up for the marginal voices, providing healthcare and education for all people.  I score as a
relatively strong socialist because I believe it is the moral responsibility of us all to
give, especially if we’ve been given more.  I want to live in a nation that values these same moral principles.  And I want to strive for them both privately and corporately as a nation.

I also think that Capitalism, at least in its current form, exploits more people than it helps.  It has led us, as a nation, to a place of moral and spiritual decay.  It has become an idolatry that puts the “bottom line” at the top of our priorities.  I definitely see an oxymoron in the description of our country as being both Christian and Capitalist.  In part … because it has led to the same ill you describe … the capitalist-like behavior of the Church.  Churches are making decisions that are more about the financial thrival or survival of the institution than about obedience to Christ. 

I don’t know if it’s a “governmental” responsibility to provide these things, but I’m certain it’s a societal responsibility …

But here’s the really good news … even if you are 76% Capitalist … I still love you. 🙂