17 years ago — my world changed for the better

So there are some days that just change your life forever.  17 years ago today, Dwayne and I became parents.  It was a day that changed the world … yeah … well, doesn’t everyone’s life change the world in some way or another?  It certainly changed our world.  Two became three.  We began seeing life through the eyes of another seeing for the first time.  She made our lives so much richer.

Now we are on the other side.  Our world is changing again.  Dwayne and I are adjusting to life as two again.  Kate is off at college and we are so proud of her.  She has become so much more of a woman than we had possibly imagined. 

Anyway, it’s her birthday … so please, give her a call, an email, or a hug … let her know that her mere presence in the world blesses our lives in ways we’ve never imagined.  🙂