So … Facebook went public this week.  No longer do you have to be a student or have an email address with a major corporation, now everyone and anyone can have a facebook account.

I’ve been a fan of facebook … since Dwayne was able to open one with his Department of Homeland Security email account.  I like it better than MySpace.  So I’m inviting all my friends and colleagues to come on over to Facebook … once you’ve set up an account search for me … I only have one friend right now … and it’s my hubby.

I’m actually facinated by the power of online communities.  There is power to influence, power to congregate (at least virtually), and power to communicate. 

There is great controversy among students about the privace and exclusivity of facebook now that it’s gone public … actually it’s been open to businesses outside of universities now for a while.  The interesting thing about facebook is the amount of control each user has in sharing information with certain groups.  The developers of facebook claim that the community can still have the same “feel” of safety and exclusivity even when it is wide open. 

See the story on NPR from Monday.

Anyway … look me up if you’d like.