Day of Mixed Emotions

I received the phone call from my Dad just after I woke up this morning.  Grandpa died at about 7:40 this morning.  We were ready.  Since he was in a coma and removed from all life support and intervention, we were hoping that he wouldn’t be in this vegetative state long too long.  It was time.

We decided to gather again sometime in December to have a service at Arlington Cemetary where he’ll be interred.  We’re all looking forward to that reunion.

We told a lot of silly stories and difficult stories.  We’re glad that he’s now with my grandmother … he missed her so much.  We made a lot of gallow jokes … that’s how we cope in this family.  We understand it’s not done in disrespect … just funny.  I felt part of the family, and I knew the love we shared.

I called Dwayne and Katie as soon as I heard this morning.  Then, later today, Katie really made my day by calling me for no reason other than to tell me a great story … I felt really loved and appreciated.  Thanks Kate.