Brilliance can be a curse

I finally got my article written for this month’s newsletter. Ugh. When I took this presbytery job I though, thank god, no more monthly newsletter articles. I hated having to come up with something brilliant every month.

lol. Unlike a sermon, the newsletter article was permanent. It was published. It was sent to distant relatives.
The other thing was that sometimes I’d write really good articles. When that happened it was especially hard to write one the following month.

Well, here I am. Last month I wrote an especially good article. I got comments from published authors saying how much they appreciated it. Others called it “brilliant.” Ugh. And I couldn’t come up with a thing to write about this month. It was like pulling teeth.

Two days after the deadline … but I emailed the article off this morning. It’s not brilliant, but it’s real. That’s all I can say.

Oh … so here’s a paradox … Why is it that someone who hates having to write brilliant articles each month that get passed around to distant relatives and colleages, keeps a blog?