anniversary surprise and empty nest

Saturday was our anniversary — 27 years.  We wanted something fun … so we bought dinner theater tickets to see Tony and Tina’s wedding … it’s an interactive theater presentation where we really were at the Italian wedding from hell.  It was so much fun … getting into my NY accent again, I met the mother of the bride in line for dinner.  Dwayne and I had made up some backstory … that Tina had babysat for Katie when she was younger … it was lots of fun.  As we were getting dressed for the dinner theater, I mentioned, again, that I had forgotten to pack my jewlry and Dwayne reached into his suitcase and pulled out a box … inside were a pair of diamond earrings!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was such a surprise … usually he can’t buy anything without me knowing since I take care of the banking … but he had managed to put aside cash for months and I never knew.  It was such a surprise!

We arrived home from Las Vegas last night around 10:30 PM.  Today I
spent the day doing laundry and cleaning Katie’s room.  I told her I’d
clean it when she left, so that we could put a guest in there if
needed.  I hoped to find some secrets as I waded through the clothes,
trash, and odds and ends … but no … nothing I didn’t already know.

Well … the house seems so quiet … only one dog … and the canary, but we’ll be bringing him to my parent’s house on Friday.  Guess I better get back to cleaning.