canaries and kittens and dogs, oh my

Oh … I love the Haneys!  Since Liesel had to be put down yesterday, I was uncomfortable leaving Lizzie at the house all alone while we are on vacation this week.  We always used to have someone come to the house twice a day to take care of our pets while we are away.  But with only one … it seemed better to bring her someplace where there are other animals.  Thank you, Kenny, Nelda and Randy for taking in Lizzie while we’re away!

Now … then … there’s still the kitty problem.  A few weeks ago a kitten adopted us; we thought it must belong to a neighbor so we took it in and put up posters and flyers in the neighborhood … no owner came forward.  It’s a delightful kitten, but Dwayne and I are not interested in a houseful of animals as we really want to embrace the “empty nest” right now.  Again, the Haney’s have come to the rescue … they’ve agreed to keep it and look for a home for it while we are away.  If it doesn’t find a permanent home by the time we’re back from Vegas, we’ll have to take it to the Animal Shelter.  The kitten is black and white … kind of spotted like a jersey cow … we think “Jersey” would be a great name for this little one.  But, of course, we won’t name it … because then we’d HAVE TO keep it 🙂

So … a while back Nelda found a canary in her back yard … she brought it in and is taking care of it … my mom is a great lover of birds and doesn’t have a canary right now … she’s agreed to take the bird!  Now … I tried offering a trade, I’d find a home for the bird, if they’d find a home for the kitty <G>

I think it will all work out fine in the end … I am sure that each of them will end up in a great home.

So … here’s the part I really want to share … the part that makes me feel happy … a friend at the presbytery this afternoon asked me what we were doing with the dog when we traveled this week.  I said, “she’ll be staying with friends.”  This woman said, “oh, I need friends like that.”  And I realized how grateful I am to have friends like the Haneys … friends … not only with whom I can leave my dog, but who I know I can count on no matter what …. thanks Nelda and Randy!  I love you.