empty nest

So we took Katie to college this weekend.  She seems fine — appropriately nervous — but fine.  We’re also in good shape … reminisced about our own college days on the drive home and tried to remember all the old songs.  I didn’t even cry … of course, I’ve been crying for month … so I think I’m good.

We got home and found Liesel (our 12 year old collie) in the hot tub — stuck.  This is not good.  She is alive, but very stiff and seemingly in a lot of pain; she has difficulty moving.  She’s either going to be fine in the morning, or we’ll have to bring her to the vet.  This is the fourth time, we’ve had to rescue her from the pool or hottub upon arriving home.  We don’t know how long she was stuck this time … but she left a huge mess in the hottub.