Want to help test Dwayne’s blog watcher?

Dwayne — that is, my wonderful and ingenious husband — created a webtool to help those of us who love to read blogs and newfeeds and, well, anything, really, that has an RSS feed (like a podcast or something).  I’ve been using it for months and it has made blogwatching much easier.  Oh, when I was just reading xanga’s the subscription feature was enough.  But now I’m reading blogs at blogger.com, myspace, livejournal, xanga and blogs hosted on individual websites (like this one).  I also read the baytown sun, the houston chronicle, the Christian Science Monitor and scan NPR stories regularly … as soon as they are posted each day … all by going to my one place … blogwatcher.

Now, blogwatcher is just a prototype really.  Blogwatcher.com is not a URL that is avialable … so Dwayne is thinking of other possible names (see his latest post on Dwayne’s World).  BUT … the program itself is just about complete … it needs to look prettier and is looking for a webdesigner who might help him out … but it works and it works well with Mac, IE, and Firefox at least.

Try it out … if you read a lot of blogs or at least want to scan them … go to blogwatcher and create an account for yourself.  Then subscribe to all the blogs you read … you can even have a quicksub button that shows up on your browser toolbar … cool huh? It’s that easy.

OK … then … please let Dwayne know how it’s working for you … he will go public in just a few weeks under a different name … and then you will be able to claim to have “known it when!”