old friends

Wow … I ran into Cindy at GA today! She served on the search committee that called me to my first church. We quickly became good friends when I moved to Michigan; and soon after that, she discerned her own call to ministry. We parted about 2 years later as she left for my old alma mater. Since then we saw each other only a few times … her wedding, her ordination … and shared Christmas letters and pics of the kids every year. We haven’t seen each other, face to face, though, in at least 10 years.

Then today … there she was walking across the hall in front of me. It’s fun to meet old friends … not just old acquaintances, but good friends … the ones with whom we’ve shared both belly laughs and gut-wrenching cries. It makes me wonder how we drifted away to begin with … but that happens when people move across the country. What’s good is that when we have those wonderful opportunities to re-connect, we have the opportunity to ground ourselves, to heal, to love, and to celebrate the good things in life together. Thanks God … and Thanks Cindy for sharing dinner with me tonight.