silence and news

Yesterday I turned off the noise for a few hours.  From 8:45 until 4:00, I turned off the computer, radio, music, tv, and telephones.  And I took a silent retreat in my own home.  I spoke to no one but God; I read nothing but the Bible.

I didn’t realize how addicted I am to media.  After the first hour or so of getting myself out of the habit of checking email and new blogs, I settled into the silence.  It was good.  I heard everything more clearly … and I felt things more keenly.  The wind outside as it splashed pool water on my feet, for instance.  The silence brought me into the present more.  And it was good.

I had no earthshaking breakthroughs as to why I’ve been in a “funk” for the past few weeks … but, well, I guess it will pass in time.


  • My parents have a contract on their house in New York.  It should work out that they will close on that house just before they close on the house in Pflugerville.  And they can move soon after.  Perfect timing!
  • Katie has a job at Subway.  Dwayne and I ate there last night.  I am proud of my grown-up daughter.
  • Katie is singing a solo in the Pop Show at Sterling on Thursday night, May 11.  Tickets are available at the door … or let me know and she’ll get them for you in advance for a bit cheaper.
  • Dwayne and I will be attending the first worship service for the newest of our new churches.  Restoration Fellowship is a congregation launching in the Heights specifically designed for those who are in 12-step programs.
  • Tomorrow I’m preaching and speaking at a “town hall meeting” at the Presbyterian Church in Port Arthur.  It should be a good morning.

I guess that’s all for now … have a blessed day.