My ABC’s

OK … this is from Quotidian Grace

Accent: A little New York, a little Michigan, a little Texas … but very cameleon.

Booze: sometimes I enjoy a good Margarita 🙂

Chore I Hate: hmmm … cleaning up other people’s dirty dishes

Dog or Cat: I’m definitely more of a dog person … we have two now:  Liesel, an eleven year old Collie; and Lizzie, a five year old Bichon.

Essential Electronics: my computer, my cell, and my palm pilot … do microwaves count?

Favorite Cologne: not into cologne

Gold or Silver: used to be silver; but I’m becoming more fond of gold.

Hometown: Holbrook, Long Island, New York

Insomnia: yeah, sometimes … though not too much lately.

Job Title: Associate General Presbyter for Evangelism/Renewal and New Church Development

Kids: One wonderful daughter who is graduating High School in less than a month … then heading to college in the fall.  I’ve also been host mom to five teenage girls from Korea, Germany, France, Thailand and Austria.

Living Arrangements: We bought a new house and put in a new heated pool and hot-tub last year.  I thought it was extravagent but since we’ve had two baptisms in the pool, I feel it’s all been blessed.

Most Admirable Trait: hmmmm …. lots of people call me visionary, though I don’t always see it.

Number of sexual partners: been happily married to Dwayne for 26 years …

Overnight hospital stays: 3 times when I was pregnant; once for my thyroidectomy

Phobias: nothing I can’t deal with.

I can never quote anything right … and I can’t think of the good ones when I want them. 

Religion: Presbyterian

Siblings: two brothers

Time I Wake Up: it varies … sometime around 7 or 8

Unusual Talent or Skill: does decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs count?

Vegetable I refuse to eat:  brussel sprouts

Worst habit: shaking my leg … it even annoys me.

X-rays: yeah sure …. lots

Yummy foods I make: I think I make the best New York Cheese cake!  Just got done baking a loaf of banana bread that smells good … other than that I’m a half-way decent cook on most things

Zodiac sign: Scorpio