A Blessed Easter

Some of you know that I was a little depressed about Easter …

In the past, I would work hard on Easter. Preach 2 times; cook an Easter dinner; prepare Easter baskets and Egg Hunts. Often we had company … my parents, my brother, neices, nephews visiting from out of town. People from the church, friends, and a large leg of lamb.

This year no one came to town, I wasn’t working in a church, and Dwayne had to fly to DC a little after noon. Seems I’m a bit more traditionalist than I like to admit. I felt that the spirit of Easter was going to be far from me this year.

But, God has an amazing way of taking care, doesn’t he? After a good traditional Easter worship at First-Westminster … where I got to see and talk many of our old “Westminster” friends, I connected with many others, too. I kissed Dwayne goodbye about 12:30. Then Rahel, Katie and I played a couple hands of UNO and ROOK (games that the Easter Bunny left in their baskets). We had a good time, then, searching through my drawers and boxes of scarfs and hats for “spring-like” accessories — it was good old-fashioned girl stuff. When we were decked out … we drove a short drive to Saundra and Gary Smith’s house. They served us a delightful Easter dinner with their family. We watched as the kids played in the pool; then came home to our own pool and invited our best friends over for a splash. 🙂 At 8:30 I realized these people needed to be fed … and we ordered pizza. Ate on the patio next to the pool. What a great Easter with both old and new friends! God is good.