Life is good.

Dwayne was just offered a new job.  This is great.  A little more money, vacation days, holiday pay, and full insurance.  But most of all, he get’s to work 90% or more at home!  That gives him an extra 2+hours a day that he won’t have to commute.  And it will allow him some flexibility if there are things we need to do, repairmen he needs to meet, etc. 🙂  And, maybe even more importantly, he won’t be working for a company that makes a democrat’s stomach turn.  Well, at least he doesn’t think so … his new client will be the federal government, afterall. 

I love my job; Dwayne is feeling good; Katie is nearing graduation; Rahel is invited to all “senior” activities … and got a free prom ticket from the principal.  My parents’ house is coming along — it now has a floor, a roof, walls and windows!  They will be moving in a few months.  They are so excited.  Mom and Dad were here this weekend … it was a really good visit. 

I am really enjoying Sordid Lives.  I am having fun playing a part so different from myself.  Sunday, they got me a new gun.  Now I actually shoot a starter pistol, makes a lot more noise than the cap gun I was using.  Now, don’t tell my brother … but I actually can get into firing a gun.  I won’t … I’m still all for gun control … but … well … I had a lot of fun with that real-looking, real-feeling, firearm.  And, I think the fun comes from knowing it’s just for show.

We’re having good faith-filled conversations among the cast of Sordid Lives.  It’s been interesting comparing our backgrounds and beliefs and experiences … from Presbyterian to Baptist to Catholic to LDS to Wiccan … we are a “sordid” bunch … but, somewhere amidst all those separate and very diverse doctrines, we all come together in the message of our show … that we are all broken and human, and we long to be met in that place with acceptance, love, and authentic relationship.

Dwayne is auditioning tonight for Mr. Roberts.  (I keep mis-speaking and calling the show MisterRogers <G>)  I hope he does well and get’s cast in an enjoyable role.

He’s a good guy.  I am amazed how God has blessed me through him.  I love him so much, even after 27 years!  Wow.  That’s amazing.

Life is good.