blessed by the window seat

I have decided … I am no longer an “aisle seat” woman.  Today I chose the window seat because there was a better chance I’d have the seat next to me open … and I was right.  But what I didn’t realize is that I was blessed by the window seat!  I’ve flown to California before … but I never had the view I had today.  For the 3 1/2 hour flight from Houston to Orange County I sat and did nothing but look out the window at the earth pass by me.  It was beautiful, awesome, and God-inspired.  While I have flown to the west coast before, I never had the opportunity to see West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona from the sky.  Today the sky was clear the whole way … and I got to see God’s country from a God’s eye view.  When we came to California the earth leapt up to meet us … the mountains were grand. What a prayerful/praiseful afternoon!

Now I’m in California for three nights as I attend training with Percept, the demographic service that we use to help churches understand their communities.  I am looking forward to it.

When I get back, I have two full days of work with Stan Ott and the Acts 16:5 final gathering.  Then on Sunday, I head to the other coast (Florida) for another training session on Futuring.  Dwayne will meet me in Florida a week from Thursday for a long weekend at the beach … and a side trip to see his parents.

I’m feeling good.  🙂