Now for 2006 … I expect tears

(from my xanga)

I listed some things in my 2005 50 words that were really the last days of 2004 … but the emotional impact was really felt in 2005 like the tsunami in Thailand and southeast Asia and our purchase of two new cars. Now there are some things that are happening right now that will have a huge impact on 2006 …

Katie has been accepted to UNT in Denton and has already filled out her housing application (and we’ve paid our first $400 to UNT). Dwayne and I will have to adjust to being empty nesters. We are currently hosting our last AFS student for awhile; we want to embrace the empty nest for a year or two at least (maybe longer). Katie’s high school graduation will be a big deal. We have relatives coming in from New York and Florida, maybe Pennsylvania too. But don’t let me fool you … I intend to be crying continually from May through October … I am certain she is well prepared to go off to college; and I am most proud of her self-esteem, caring nature, and recently developing self-discipline; she is brilliant, beautiful, and ready for the world. I will miss this phase of our life, though. Letting her go will be necessary but tearful.

The Presbytery has embraced a new vision that will radically change our priorities and the way we do things there. This terribly exciting as well as frightening, because we know that there will be opposition. Speaking of opposition … I imagine when Eklektos is up and running, we will be the target of quite a little more opposition. More tears?

Dwayne and I are both having some health concerns that will need to be addressed in 2006 … my arthritis and a (almost certainly benign) lump in my breast … dwayne’s lower digestive track and foot. Ugh … we’re getting old … more tears.

And the biggest news, just in … my parents are seriously thinking of retiring to Texas! No, not Baytown … right now they are thinking of the Austin area. Ivy … any suggestions for them? I am thrilled that they would consider Texas, that they would choose to move close to me and Matt, but I will miss the old house that I grew up in. They need to get the money out of it while the market is good and it’s good to move someplace less stressful than New York … but there will be tears, necessary, good, and healing tears.