Christmas in New York

(from my xanga)

I have never seen the city more crowded than it was yesterday. I feel so bad for Rahel. Everything she wanted to do … the lines were prohibitive … a three hour wait to buy the ticket for the ferry to Liberty Island, and then another four hour line to get on the boat! Unheard of … the line went out of battery park and was reaching up to wall street! There were lines to get into stores, and even to just to look at the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. Remind me … never visit New York City during Christmas week again. All in all, we had a day filled with seeing some of the sights … from a distance at least. We waited at the tip of battery park for the circle line ferry to pull away so we’d get a decent view of the backside of miss Liberty. We walked from the South Street Seaport to Battery Park by way of the World Trade Center Site. I enjoy seeing how it changes every time we’ve seen it … new construction, etc. It looks like the subway station there is scheduled to open in February 2006. Four and a half years … and finally the subway will be open.

Then we subwayed up to Times Square … bought tickets to see Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new musical The Woman in White, after finding out the only tickets for Spamalot were $350 per person. The weather was cold, but not unbearable. We walked up Fifth Avenue, to the park, past Saks and Tiffanys and Cartiers and FAO Schwarts. Then back down 6th Avenue and across 47th Street to meet my parents at the Olive Garden for dinner.

The show was surprisingly good … the music was good, but not particularly varied. The story is set in Victorian England and it is somewhat of a mystery. Somewhat “dark” but the story keeps you involved. The most amazing part was the set. Relatively simple in design, the set changes took place through projected images on the circular walls. Between the moving of the movie images, and the rotation of the stage, the set changes were remarkable. There was even a place where the train came by and I jumped to the right to avoid being hit (or so I was convinced). All in all, it was a good show.

Today we sleep in. We have no plans … and I am pretty sore from the walking yesterday.

I know that Dwayne and Rahel already mentioned it, but if you haven’t had a chance to see the new movie version of The Producers, treat yourself today. We went on Monday and it was great. We haven’t laughed that much or that loud in a long time. It was helped by the fact that the theater was full of people responding. I know it’s a good show when the audience applauds for a movie …. that’s always a good sign. Oh, and like they said, take the time and stay to the end of the credits … you’ll be glad you did.