Another Loss

I got word this afternoon that my grandfather was hospitalized, in a coma, and not likely to recover. In fact, they decided to remove the respirator this evening. We don’t expect he’ll make it through the night.

My mom and dad, my brother Matt, and I will be traveling to New York tomorrow (Sunday) to be with the family. Grandpa will probably not have a funeral or memorial service. For one, he didn’t want one. For two, so many of his best friends have already died. The immediate family will gather together, share stories and memories. We’ll laugh and we’ll cry. It will be good.

I plan to be home on Wednesday. Please pray for my brother, Mike, and his family as they are the ones who have been the closest to grandpa these last few years. Grandpa lived with them until he was moved to the nursing home a few months ago.

For me, the minor losses are piling up into some hefty grief … the empty nest, the loss of our beloved collie, and now the death of my grandfather. None of these were unexpected, but the combination is feeling very heavy tonight.